Shenzhen Guanheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (SZGH) is a privately-run joint-stock enterprise.  It was established in 2001.
Our core talents have now focused on developing Fluorosilicone technology for more than 30 years already.
Based on that experience SZGH established a fully integrated production from monomers to chemicals and polymers and finally to ready-to-cure FVMQ compounds. The production capacity amounts to 1000 tons per year now, making SZGH a world-scale producer.
SZGH products are widely used both in China and abroad, e.g. in Automotive industry, Aviation industry, Petrochemical industry, Medical and health care and Defense industry. We have established extensive business relations with the distributors and end-users in domestic and foreign countries and regions.
The company’s plant is in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, and the Base for Production and application technology developing center is now under construction in Shen-Shan Special Cooperation Zone which is 100 KM away from downtown of Shenzhen. We have also a branch in Shanghai – Shanghai Yanjing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.  It is functioned as an independent R&D center for the company.